openSUSE zypper commands

Just like my macports post this is more of my cheatsheet, if you find it helpful great.

zypper list all commands

zypper help list help for a command

zypper help patterns

zypper repos or zypper lr list repositories configured

zypper addrepo or zypper ar add a new repository, followed by the url and alias

zypper ar --refresh Tumbleweed

zypper removerepo or zypper rr remove repository

zypper rr Tumbleweed

zypper install or zypper in install package

zypper in git installs git
zypper in -t pattern lamp_server installs the lamp server pattern
zypper in vim -emacs installs vim and removes emacs
zypper in amarok upd:libxine1 install libxine1 from upd

zypper remove or zypper rm remove package

zypper remove sqlite

zypper update or zypper up updating packages

zypper up update all installed pacakges with newer version as far as possible
zypper up libzyp zypper update libzypp and zypperr

zypper –no-gpg-checks no gpg checks
zypper –auto-agree-with-licenses auto-agree with licenses

zypper search or zypper se search for package

zypper se vlc show anything with vlc in it
zypper se 'yast*' show all packages starting with yast
zypper se -r upd list all packages from 'upd' repository
zypper se -i sqlite show all sqlite installed packages
zypper se -t pattern -r upd list all patterns available in the 'upd' repository

zypper info or zypper if get info about packages

zypper if amarok
zypper if -t patch amarok show info for 'amarok' patch
zypper patch-info amarok same as above
zypper info -t pattern lamp_stack info 'lamp_server' pattern

zypper what-provides or zypper wp get info about dependencies

zypper wp
zypper wp firefox

zypper verify or zypper ve this is useful in cases of broken system

Update Mangement:

zypper list-patches or zypper lp list needed patches
zypper patch apply patches
zypper patches list all patches
zypper patch-check or zypper pchk check patches
zypper patch-info get info about patches
zypper info -t patch

Distribution upgrades:

zypper dist-upgrade or zypper dup NOTE: becareful with this one! hahaha


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