kde openSUSE macbook pro touchpad..

Try  the command “syndaemon -d -i 1″ on the command line. This runs syndaemon in the background, and prevents the touchpad from doing anything one second after you’ve typed anything.

.You can put it into systems -> Startup and Shutdown -> Autostart, so that it will turn on every time you log in.

I’ve tried what I thought was the samething in KDE’s “System Settings” under:

Hardware > Input Devices > Touchpad > Automatic touchpad control

Then check “Automatically switch off touchpad on keyboard activity”.

Nothing seems to work that good in KDE. GNOME handeled it pretty well, but I’m trying to move away from GNOME. I like how KDE looks and all the control settings.  GNOME 3.x so far isn’t for me so I’m not really digging.

Does anyono e else use KDE with a macbook pro and have a good solution for the touchpad?


Just typing this post I’ve had to start over multiple times because of the mouse jumping around and overridding what I have already typed……




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