Upgrading Slackware 13.37 to current

I missed Slackware so now I’ve installed it on my power desktop to play around. One of the best distributions around.

Anyway I want to run current so I can have the latest greatest Kernel, GCC and all the other fun toys.

Edit slackpkg mirrors file to a current url, I’m using 64 bit slack.
# vim /etc/slackpkg/mirrors ftp://slackware.oregonstate.edu/pub/slackware/slackware64-current/

Run the following commands to sync up and run the updates.
# slackpkg check-updates
# slackpkg upgrade-all

When it ask to update LILO, Y(es)….. 😉

It will also ask:
Searching for NEW configuration files

Some packages had new configuration files installed.
You have four choices:

(K)eep the old files and consider .new files later

(O)verwrite all old files with the new ones. The
old files will be stored with the suffix .orig

(R)emove all .new files

(P)rompt K, O, R selection for every single file

What do you want (K/O/R/P)?

Now we need to fix these files up.

# cd /etc/
# find -name '*.new'

This is what I do for all the .new files:

# cp mke2fs.conf mke2fs.conf.org
# merge mke2fs.conf mke2fs.conf.org mke2fs.conf.new
# mv mke2fs.conf.new mke2fs.conf.$(date +%F)

This will merge the difference, create a backup of the original and one of the new just incase a future update makes another .new and overrides the current one.

After that, add any new packages that might have been added to current.

# slackpkg install-new

Reboot and see if it survived. 😉