NFS Fedora 17

# vi /etc/exports

# systemctl enable nfs-server.service

# systemctl start nfs-server.service

# mount -t nfs server.local:/tools /var/nfs/tools/


2 thoughts on “NFS Fedora 17

  1. i’ve successfully exported an nfs mount from fc17…successful that is w/ another fedora client. but i can’t get my osx machines (10.4, 10.6, 10.7) to mount it:
    toms-MacBook-Pro:Volumes osXadmin$ sudo mount -t nfs -o resvport hp:/backupTarget backupTarget
    mount_nfs: can’t mount /backupTarget from hp onto /Volumes/backupTarget: RPC prog. not avail
    finder fails w/ “server won’t allow any more logins”

    something’s changed in fc17, because my macs can mount the nfs on my fc14 box…wtf???

    • Try:

      # yum install rpcbind (if it isn’t there)
      # systemctl start rpcbind.service
      # systemctl enable rpcbind.serivce

      Turn off selinux and iptables just for a test and then enable as you figure it out.

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