DB2 V9.5 Fedora 16 x86_64

Fedora 16
# yum install libaio* libaio*.i686 compat* compat*.i686 nfs-utils

Ubuntu 12.04
# sudo apt-get install ia32-libs libaio-dev libaio1 nfs-common

# groupadd -g 2000 db2iadm1
# groupadd -g 2001 db2fadm1
# groupadd -g 2002 dasadm1

# useradd -u 2001 -g db2iadm1 -m -d /db2home/db2inst1 db2inst1
# useradd -u 2002 -g db2fadm1 -m -d /db2home/db2fenc1 db2fenc1
# useradd -u 2003 -g dasadm1 -m -d /home/dasusr1 dasusr1

# passwd db2inst1
# passwd db2fenc1
# passwd dasusr1

IBM WebSphere Application Server v7 on Fedora 16

First uncomment ip6 out of /etc/hosts and add your hostname/domainname

# cat /etc/hosts   arbitrary arbitrary.some.network.com localhost localhost.localdomain localhost4 localhost4.localdomain4

#::1         localhost localhost.localdomain localhost6 localhost6.localdomain6


Install the following rpms

# yum install compat-* ksh gtk2 gtk2-engines libXp libXmu libXtst pam rpm-build elfutils elfutils-libs libXft

Link ksh, this is for IHS

 # ln -s /bin/ksh /usr/bin/ksh

Python 3.2 on Scientific Linux 6

Install the following:

yum install \
readline-devel openssl-devel gmp-devel \
ncurses-devel gdbm-devel zlib-devel expat-devel \
libGL-devel gcc-c++ libX11-devel glibc-devel \
bzip2 tar pkgconfig tcl-devel tk-devel \
tix-devel bzip2-devel sqlite-devel db4-devel autoconf \
rpm-build gcc redhat-rpm-config

Get Python 3.2:

$ wget http://python.org/ftp/python/3.2/Python-3.2.tar.xz
$ tar xvf Python-3.2.tar.xz
$ cd Python-3.2
$ ./configure
$ make -j3
$ make test
$ sudo make install

SL-6 x86_64 Adobe Air 2.6

$ sudo yum install ld-linux.so.2
$ sudo yum install gtk2-devel.i?86
$ sudo yum install libdbus-glib-1.so.2
$ sudo yum install libhal.so.1
$ sudo yum install rpm-devel.i?86
$ sudo yum install libXt.so.6
$ sudo yum install gnome-keyring-devel.i?86
$ sudo yum install libDCOP.so.4
$ sudo yum install libxml2-devel.i?86
$ sudo yum install nss-devel.i?86
$ sudo yum install libxslt.i?86

Grab the rpm for Adobe Air:


$ sudo rpm -ivh adobeair.i386.rpm

Transmission on SL 6

Building transmission on Scientific Linux 6.

I install all the dev tools and libraries during the install so I can’t tell you what might be needed on that end…


$ wget http://monkey.org/~provos/libevent-2.0.10-stable.tar.gz
$ tar xvf libevent-2.0.10-stable.tar.gz
$ cd libevent-2.0.10-stable
$ ./configure
$ make
$ make verify # (optional)
$ sudo make install

Transmission from SVN:

$ export PKG_CONFIG_PATH=/usr/local/lib/pkgconfig

To make sure libevent is found:
$ pkg-config –modversion libevent

$ svn co svn://svn.transmissionbt.com/Transmission/trunk Transmission
$ cd Transmission
$ ./autogen.sh
$ make
$ sudo make install

Launch it:

$ transmission-gtk